Ad Tech That Really Delivers

No wonder advertisers and publishers are disillusioned about about ad tech. It wasn’t always this way. When ZEDO first opened its doors as an ad server in 1999, what we did was very clear: we served ads on publisher sites that allowed those publishers to monetize their digital real estate. We were a publisher partner, and we were always very vocal about that. As the industry evolved, we found ourselves the largest independent ad server in the world — after all the others got acquired by the likes of Google or went out of business. But we also found that ad serving had become less interesting to customers, who now took it for granted. Simply serving ads was not enough to help publishers make money.
In addition, we began to see that because networks grew and more ads were served in less time, some of the ads weren’t viewable. And most of them didn’t have the ROI advertisers thought they were getting, or the CPMs publishers needed to stay alive.
About four years ago, we had a series of hackathons to try to solve the problem of impressions that weren’t seen, for a variety of reasons.  We wanted to “own” the term viewable impressions. To that end, our development team came up with a suite of new High Impact Formats designed to get attentions for brands on publisher sites. We named them “InView” formats: the Slider and the Shuffle.
In the same time frame, we realized that fraud was becoming a problem for the industry, and we partnered with AdXpose (later bought by comScore) to make sure our ads were actually served and seen. We were attacking these technical problems on all fronts.
Rather than make a big splash about our formats, we quietly went out and sold them. And then we decided we should sell them to brands, too, and we formed a division, ZINC by ZEDO, that does nothing but help brands used engaging formats to reach consumers at scale. We run those ads on our premium publisher network.
And then today a story about disillusionment with ad tech products made us realize that we probably should talk about ourselves publicly. We don’t blame brands, who are spending the money, and publishers who need to monetize their inventory, for becoming cynical. While we’ve been heads down on platform development, products that don’t work as advertised and are not ready for prime time have been presented to them in deliberately obfuscating language.  Billions of advertising dollars are going down the drain.
So here’s what you need to know about ZEDO and ZINCbyZEDO:  we fill standard ad units through our exchange, and we have been doing it for years.  We  have now leveraged that ability with our inArticle video unit , and we work with all the top demand partners. They are buying us at scale across our network. But we also allow publications that want to sell directly to direct sell our inArticle and High Impact Formats. In truth, we’re that overused term a”solution.”
Our ZINC ad sales team works on campaigns for global brands, and our video formats provide the best fill and possible CPMs for our publisher partners. We’ve got it covered from both sides, and it works. High viewability, very low ad fraud. You can ask our partners.