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GDPR from London

This morning we were having coffee at our favorite coffee shop in London and the conversation veered to GDPR. One of our party was having to tell his staff over the telephone that it was still all right to use internal email even in the face of GDPR. This was a startup, and it had […]

Advertising is Already Changing

This is the big week when GDPR finally rolls out. No longer can marketers in the EU use data to which users haven’t consented. However, we don’t think this change in how we use data will be confined to the EU. Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has already told CBS News that he thinks the […]

Contextual Advertising and Trust

Marketers are increasingly likely to buy media that consumers trust, that they believe is giving them good value for what they pay, and that their target audiences engage with.  Although that should always have been the case, there’s now a name for this: the flight to quality. The flight to quality pulls consumers toward publishers […]

Zuckerberg Testimony Will Change Advertising

One of the most amusing aspects of watching Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress was the wide-ranging knowledge or lack thereof about Facebook ads, and about digital advertising in general. While Zuckerberg sat there for almost two days trying to answer questions completely and explain complex subjects, such as artificial intelligence and the extent it can […]

Martech Has to Change Again

A number of trends have converged in our minds this week to convince us that marketing has to change — AGAIN. A pendulum has swung too far without us noticing it, and it’s about to hit us in the face as it swings back if we aren’t careful. Here are six trends that point to the need […]

Facebook and the Future of Advertising

Doc Searls was right fifteen years ago. Markets are now conversations. Publishers and advertisers can no longer collude without the omnipresence on the scene of the customer. The customer is now in control, although publishers and advertisers still don’t want to realize this. This is online advertising’s #MeToo moment, the moment when the insatiable hunger for more […]

Making Mobile InApp Advertising Better

We all know that mobile app advertising is not as simple as advertising on the desktop through a browser. And yet, all consumers now spend most of their time on their phones, so it’s a problem that must be solved. In theory. IAB has solved it, but there are still outstanding issues: MRAID, or “Mobile […]

GDPR Innovation

We are at the implementation stage of GDPR, and in London, the center of the European advertising industry, people are finally coming to grips with the notion of fines. Our friend Kevin Marks attended the #GDPRInnovation event at Digital Catapult and did an admirable job of live tweeting the remarks of some of the speakers. […]

Blockchain for Advertisers? Not This Year

We have been personally studying the blockchain technology for a couple of years now, especially when the head of the Mozilla Foundation left to develop a browser that uses it to make micropayments to content providers. And then, as we watched all this develop, we wrote about the blockchain’s capacity to clean up the digital […]

Google Chrome vs. Ad Block Plus

There are almost too many competing initiatives going on to fix what different constituencies consider to be wrong about online advertising. Each constituency has its own point of view and a “proprietary” method of enacting a solution. Over the last few months, we’ve been researching the Coalition for Better Ads, which is run by Google […]