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Greater Security Could Prevent Persistent Adware

Our long-time friend and collaborator, Craig Spiezle, Chairman Emeritus of the Online Trust Alliance, called our attention to yet another issue involving the digital advertising ecosystem and malware, this one involving real national security concerns. While this particular problem goes far beyond advertising, it could impact the industry simply because it is such an important […]

Happy Holidays!

As we close out this frenetic year of 2018, we can’t help noticing how the bulk of the digital ad industry is located on the east and west coasts. And yet, the bulk of consumers, especially for b2c brands, are located in what we variously refer to as the heartland or the flyover zones. As […]

In-App Advertising Must Be Interactive

In the past couple of years, more publishers than ever have pivoted to video. They did that to prepare for the big moment when TV ads would migrate to digital media, and they wanted to be ready.They made the mistake of thinking that similar formats and business models would translate. But they don’t. MG Siegler, […]

2018 For the Agency Business

There’s no doubt that advertising is changing very fast and that traditional agencies must adapt. WPP has already admitted this in several different ways: first in their earnings reports, and second in the way they are buying up small agencies in order to get customers and economies of scale. That might be a mistake, since […]

Meredith Sells Data, Not Just Content

We listened recently to the Ad Exchanger podcast with VP of Data and Programmatic Solutions at Meredith, Chip Schenck. Schenck is an experienced hand who comes from a Dutch media family, all of whom started in print. But ten years ago, while working with Amex publishing, he discovered the value of data. When he realized […]

A Moment of Thanks

Every year at Thanksgiving, I become reflective about the year that is coming to a close. It has been a tumultuous one for our industry, and for the world as a whole, but as the year draws to a close there is still much to be thankful for at ZEDO. First, ZEDO’s incredible product development […]

Rewards-Based Advertising Works Well for Brands

Rewards-based mobile advertising is perhaps the most successful solution to the problem of how to monetize on mobile without violating the privacy of the mobile visitor. Mobile presents a unique set of problems, because a user has a smart phone with her all day, but doesn’t have much tolerance for interruptions and is fearful of […]

Brand Advertising That Leads to Conversions

If you are wondering why Facebook is grabbing so much of the online ad spend, it’s because the company does more research into what makes ads work than most brands do, and it makes its research available to brands. But what makes a digital ad work isn’t just buying into Facebook’s targeting mechanism, which is […]

To Avoid Fines, Buy Carefully

We recently had breakfast with the head of a regional advertising agency in the Southwest. After he finished telling us about how much native advertising and influencer marketing he was doing, he told us about how he also buys advertising beyond the social platforms to reach specific niches. Of course he does that programmatically.  These […]