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Rewards-Based Advertising Works Well for Brands

Rewards-based mobile advertising is perhaps the most successful solution to the problem of how to monetize on mobile without violating the privacy of the mobile visitor. Mobile presents a unique set of problems, because a user has a smart phone with her all day, but doesn’t have much tolerance for interruptions and is fearful of […]

Brand Advertising That Leads to Conversions

If you are wondering why Facebook is grabbing so much of the online ad spend, it’s because the company does more research into what makes ads work than most brands do, and it makes its research available to brands. But what makes a digital ad work isn’t just buying into Facebook’s targeting mechanism, which is […]

To Avoid Fines, Buy Carefully

We recently had breakfast with the head of a regional advertising agency in the Southwest. After he finished telling us about how much native advertising and influencer marketing he was doing, he told us about how he also buys advertising beyond the social platforms to reach specific niches. Of course he does that programmatically.  These […]

Geo-Location Doesn’t Guarantee Anything

An  experiment that took place during Hurricane Harvey has given us some worthwhile data on the status of programmatic advertising on mobile. We tend to forget that programmatic tools are still in their relative infancy, and that there’s more to advertising than simply data. But Augustine Fou’s Houston v. Bozeman test should bring us back to […]

The Advertising Agency Business Must Change

The advertising business as we know it is outmoded for the world we live in today. Think about it: it was founded to get messages to consumers who were scattered over many different forms of media: print, TV, radio, billboards. We did not have a very good idea of where those consumers spent their time, […]

Advertising Week 2017 First Thoughts

This is New York Advertising Week, and it’s time for advertisers to begin thinking about their brands again. As Digiday points out, Railing against how much of digital advertising is in a black box is in fashion, and it should be the big issue at Advertising Week this week as many major marketers gather in […]

In-App Video Replacing TV

The Q2 eMarketer survey tells us that US digital video ad spending is on a faster growth track than previously estimated. It will grow at annual double-digit rates into the next decade, reaching $22.18 billion in 2021. At the same time, subscription-based services are proliferating, indicating that both pillars of digital video monetization—advertising and consumer […]