Fundamentally Better Advertising

Yesterday at the Digiday Agency Summit, Valter Sciarrillo, Head of Product Marketing at Quantcast,  gave a talk for agencies called “Differentiating Yourself Through Programmatic.”  This presentation highlighted how far behind the times agencies really are. Indeed, some are so far behind rapid industry change that they risk extinction as the industry moves past them.

Sciarrillo mentioned that only 6% of agencies actually felt comfortable buying programmatically. Indeed, 60% of agencies felt they didn’t even have a good definition of what programmatic actually is. And that’s despite the past five years of rapid growth and diversity in programmatic potential.

The problem is that when programmatic was first introduced, it was used for remnant. So a third of agency execs still think that’s what it’s for.

Not true. Programmatic is just a workflow solution, through which you can buy anything.  When you use a secure private platform like ours, you know exactly what you are getting. Our network is only premium publications, highly targeted. Especially since the introduction of header bidding, media buyers can know exactly what they are buying and they can use programmatic for branding.

Because it will take time for agencies to catch up, those who adopt programmatic for branding early have a competitive advantage in building the agency’s brand, as well as that of its clients.

Our offering, ZINC, is a better way to build brand in digital, whether you use header bidding, direct sales, or the self-service platform we have just launched for smaller agencies.
It is cost effective because actual users, not bots,  really see our ads:  they are in a better place on the page,  are a better size,  and utilize better timing. Right customer, right device, right time. We  also guarantee 100% viewablity and 100% fraud free advertising. No wasted impressions.
 We are able do this because we are a technology innovator in  ad delivery. We take the advertiser’s existing ads and in real time optimize the size, placement and timing in many ways to make sure that users see it.
That’s our secret sauce:  “fundamentally better advertising”  that only needs your existing creative.