Have You Tried InArticle Yet?

One of the new  ZINC formats buyers are most excited by is the one we call “InArticle.”  InArticle, which we developed for buyers who had existing video content they wanted to move online to sites that aren’t video sites per se, has become one of our most popular high impact formats. Why? Because it allows an advertiser unduplicated reach across both video and non-video content sites. Since advertising is traditional a mass media sport, the way digital media allows advertisers to target is both a blessing and a curse.  Data from digital sites may allow a planner to reach the right audience, but perhaps not in large enough numbers to get the expected ROI. Especially in video campaigns.

There’s definitely a scarcity of inventory on video sites, as pre-roll is a finite commodity, and almost no other video placement compels the visitor to watch an ad. inArticle solves this problem, as the video content can be posted alongside an article,  yet does not auto-play obtrusively. The sound only goes on if the visitor mouses over the ad, and then it expands to full screen it the visitor clicks on the ad.

These video ads can thus reach viewers who don’t go to video sites, which allows digital campaigns to scale. We think these are the formats of the future, because simple banner ads no longer work, and all successful publications will eventually go to a multimedia format. Video ads typically have more compelling creative as well.

Another powerful feature of this format is its ability to be bought programmatically. Since it comes in standard IAB units,  and our premium publisher network has contextual and brand-safe reporting capabilities,  a media buyer can buy at scale without buying blind inventory.  On the ZEDO site of our business, we have a proud history of helping our partners generate better data for direct selling, and that data can also be used programmatically — a process we call programmatic premium.

We’re also watching industry trends very closely, because our crackerjack dev team can come up with novel high impact formats that drive engagement, including on mobile devices.