High Impact Formats: InArticle Video

The ZINC  InArticle Video ad format  is one of our most well-received new high impact formats. Because it runs on non-video sites, it affords unduplicated reach for media buyers.

Created for text-based pages, this format  actually runs in the midst of a news article, loading only when the reader scrolls the ad into view. As the ad loads, it will push the article up and down around it, but does not “take over” the page or auto-play, making it acceptable to premium publishers with editorial concerns. The user  sees a small link to Replay Ad.  Clicking on Replay Ad expands the ad, which can go to full screen,  and replays the video. The replay link is also displayed if the user closes the ad before it is over.

The user experience: There are no visible player controls. On load, the video will begin to play with sound off, inviting the  viewer to mouseover to turn on the audio. The video will pause if the user scrolls so that the video is not entirely in view, and will continue when brought back into view.  The viewer can both mouseover for sound and click to view full  screen or go to the advertiser’s landing page. The viewer can close the ad by clicking on the close button on the top right corner of the video (This close button is optional.)  After the video ends , from full screen mode the viewer will return to the article  In non-full screen mode, the ad simply closes.

The inArticle Video ad format is also easy for a publisher to implement: it only requires  one ad tag on the page and  can be trafficked in ZEDO’s ad server. It’s ideal for easy reach on premium sites. You’ll want to watch the demo: