How ZINC Can Fix Your Media Plan

I spoke at an iMedia conference a few weeks ago, and found out that ZINC isn’t well-known in the market. For the past three years, we’ve been building a stellar roster of clients, but we don’t talk too much about it. So here’s the back story. Don’t be surprised if you see this post on Medium and LinkedIn, as I think it’s time to tell our brand story. Sure it’s a little self-serving, but for the three years we’ve said almost nothing and it is time.
It all starts with ZEDO, which I founded in 1999.  Remember, we’ve been through the dotcom bubble, and the great recession, and we’ve been nimble enough to survive and thrive. That’s because we have an ace development team that keeps ahead of the industry. And if you think that’s easy in our industry, think again.
We started ZINC because we wanted to capitalize on our learnings from ZEDO. ZEDO, which has now been around for more than fifteen years, represents 18,000 Publishers and is the world’s 5th Largest Ad Server. This  exclusive access to publishers provides ZINC with the proprietary targeting data that empowers ZINC to serve ads to your targeted consumers with what we call Real Intent Targeting in Real Time. 
Unlike most campaigns, when you work with ZINC there are  NO WASTED IMPRESSIONS, since your messaging will only appear in relevant editorial,  and when the user shows interest by scrolling. By having the advertiser’s  messaging  “Scroll Triggered, only appearing within requested relevant editorial, clients can be sure that an active & engaged consumer will see and respond to your ads.
ZINC  also has direct partnerships with a very select list of 3400 PREMIER Publishers, representing over 105 million monthly uniques. For those publishers, ZINC specializes in delivering  High Impact Video & Display (Exclusive to ZINC) on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet
Advertisers simply provide ZINC their existing creative and ZEDO technology will format it to fit our Unique HIGH Impact Units, which appear on all our sites in Exclusive Positions and only WITHIN VIEW. ZINC is completely transparent and provides 3rd Party Verification as well Proprietary 1st Party Data as well as a sample site list.
Here are the numbers:

Our Display units have a 99% Viewability Score and average CTRS of close to .80% (depending on category). Our video units have anAverage Viewability Score: 75%; Average Large Player Size: 670×400; CTR:1.2%: 

ZINC‘s Tru-View Solutions are scroll triggered by the consumer and stay INVIEW an average of 6 seconds.

Average Completion Rates :15’s are 73% and :30’s are 64%  

We can use behavioral, demographic, zipcode, and DMA targeting.

 In this all important Q4, you might want to give ZINC a try.