Know What You’re Buying: Deal ID

Can programmatic buying work for video? Live Rail thinks so, and gave a talk at the Digiday Programmatic Summit on how to optimize your mobile video experience.Everyone wants to have all the convenience of programmatic buying and all the control of direct sales. So in the past couple of years, a new blend of the two has emerged, called Deal ID. Deal ID takes into account the fact that publishers don’t want to treat every advertiser alike. As in the past, they might want to give a slightly better deal to a more regular customer. And  buyers want to specify their objectives and make sure they’re getting what they need out of the campaign, whether it’s for  direct response or brand lift.

Thus, Deal ID — the unique identifier of a programmatic ad buy. It is used to match buyers and sellers individually, based on mutually agreed upon criteria.If you are a publisher, that identifier allows you to match your deal to the favored customer. And  if you are a media buyer, Deal ID is one way you make sure you get what you are paying for. If your DSP supports Deal ID you are going to have control over the audiences and CPMs you buy, and of whether your ad is even seen. You can attach Deal ID to anything, including the type of ad units, the minimum an advertiser can bid,  and the placement on the site.

Deal ID has become exceedingly important, because it takes the best of auction buying and combines it with the best of direct buying. It allows both buyers and sellers to have flexibility, and ensures that programmatic ad buying includes the full spectrum of ad deals.

But to make it work, communication among humans is necessary (I know this is hard to believe).  You must get  get everyone involved in a deal on the same page with regard to what inventory is being offered and what the placements will be like.

Then, you should probably test in a live environment. You can’t press Go until you know the campaign will work for both parties. And then it’s important to have good reporting tools and be transparent when it comes to results.

And at the end of the day, everyone involved should review what worked and what did not  in an open, constructive environment. There are too many relationships ruined by the blame game.

Programmatic buying can work very well for video, but not without trust.

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