Mobile Video Ads Come of Age


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There’s a reason we have invested so much time over the past year perfecting our mobile video advertising formats, and testing them with the likes of NBC and a leading New York financial services company.  Digiday puts all the trends in perspective for us:

People are now spending more time browsing on their mobile devices (34 hours and 17 minutes a month) than on their desktop computers (27 hours and 3 minutes a month).

Advertisers know that to reach consumers, they must be mobile. The tech trendsetters, entertainment and finance, are already on board with us, and our campaigns continue to roll out. We’re always looking for more premium publishers to sell these ads direct, to help grow the ZEDO/ZINC ecosystem of premium formats and premium publishers.

Here’s a tidbit that we think is a real shocker, because it’s pointing to the global nature of the mobile trend and the opportunities for people like automobile makers and CPG brands:

According to data from Cisco, mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 15.0 exabytes a month by 2018, which is nearly an 11-fold increase from 2013. That is a compound annual growth rate of about 61 percent from 2013 to 2018. Much of this mobile traffic growth will be fueled by Asia Pacific and North America regions, which will account for an estimated two-thirds of global mobile traffic by 2018.

Obviously, your ad spend should track the growth in mobile use by consumers. If you are an e-commerce provider, you may be aware that most online shopping is still done on desktops. However, most decisions on what to buy are made on mobile through search and comparison. Mobile is then critical in a brand strategy so you can keep yourself at top of mind while your consumer is on the move and before she gets back to her desktop to make a purchase.

Digital advertising, no longer just for performance ads, is slowly evolving to the same components as print — a combination branding and direct response, depending on the demographic, time of day, and type of product.

To see the ZINC full-screen mobile video formats and to set up a demo,  talk to Allison or Max at the ZINC offices in New York or email us at

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