New Swipe Up Format Engages Mobile Users

We have barely begun to calculate the ROI of advertising to consumers on their mobile devices.  And yet there are some things we already know, especially that when you advertise to a consumer on a mobile device you must take care not to offend. Whether the consumer is put off by an ad or engaged by it will be a function of how accurate your targeting is (are you reaching people who would even theoretically be interested in learning about the brand?), how good the creative is (are you delivering the right message to these people at the right time?) and how much control your ad format allows the user (are you allowing the consumer choice in whether they engage with or dismiss the ad?).

On a mobile device the user needs not only to be able to interact with the ad, she needs to be able to get rid of it quickly if she makes the choice NOT to interact.

That’s the reasoning behind ZEDO’s new “Swipe Up” ad format. Swipe Up can make a powerful impact on a mobile device, either IOS or Android. It can set your campaign on a roll in an innovative way, without offending the intended recipient of the ad.

Swipe Up subtly slides in on user scroll, which makes it highly viewable; in our tests,  it  draws attention and engagement. The user interacts with the ad by swiping, for either engagement or to make the ad “go away.”  Swipe Up makes the ad bigger to fit the screen, although the unit does not expand more than 450 x 375.

If ZEDO doesn’t have an ad for the publisher, the unit does not swipe up, and the demand partner can passback if they can’t buy. In addition, the ad can be targeted by device, by geography, by browser, operating system, zip code, date and time.

You can buy Swipe Up directly from the ZINC platform, and select from our large selection of inventory on high end premium sites. There will be no other middlemen and no chance the supply chain will be corrupted. We are in the process of going through the TAG certification to become a trusted partner to both advertisers and sellers.

Swipe Up is just the first of a series of planned mobile ad formats we are going to roll out for our partners in 2016.