Outstream is In

As we head into an era of better analytics, more precise targeting, and redefinition of reach, more and more media professionals are becoming aware of the power of outstream advertising. Because outstream is video in the midst of other non-video content, it is in a better position to drive online purchases and target consumers without driving them away. More and more brands are using mobile outstream video ads to generate targeted awareness.

As Marketingland reported back in April,

Digital video ad spend in the US is on the rise, with eMarketer expecting it to reach $9.84 billion and represent 19.6 percent of total digital ad spending this year and reach $16.69 billion by 2020. But as this channel grows to account for 13.3 percent of total digital ad dollars, advertisers are stifled by the limited supply of true pre-roll inventory available in the marketplace. Enter out-stream.

Out-stream impressions are video ad units unaccompanied by content. While a pre-roll or mid-roll ad requires a publisher’s video to wrap around, an out-stream ad is a video ad unit not tied to any piece of publisher video content. Instead of running within a standard video player, these high-quality impressions can run within standard ad placements, on the corner of the page, or even within the content of a written article. They are designed to be 100 percent viewable, only deploying and playing when the unit is onscreen and the consumer is moving the page around.

But there are special issues involved in video advertising that the industry must deal with. Viewability is a big one, as is the smaller screen size and shorter attention span of the mobile consumer. Less often discussed is the difficulty of reaching large premium audiences without harming the user experience.

That’s where the unique combination of ZEDO and ZINC can help. ZINC’s  innovation formats perform measurably better than comparable ad formats, even others in the outstream category. That’s because we have a “special sauce” in our secure platform and our unusual methods of serving ads, the result of almost two decades of experience in serving ads for publishers. We also have a highly curated network of publishers, eschewing the garbage and sticking to premium audiences.

Our non-intrusive outstream video advertising solutions are entirely respectful of the user experience, as IAB’s L.E.A.N. standards propose. They launch only when the user scrolls down to where they are, and they never use auto-play sound.

Our customers include premium publishers throughout the world.

But most important, we allow you to use your existing creative, saving time, effort, and dollars.