What’s New on the ZINC Platform

The ZINC platform gets better and better. Yes, we know we shouldn’t be tooting our own horn, and usually we don’t write about ourselves. But some major product releases have happened lately that we think you’d like to know about.

For use with mobile apps and games, there is Breaking News.  As the user exits an app or  a game, a bubble appears.  Users who tap the bubble will see a breaking news story or an alert, with a video ad running on top. Tapping the bubble leads to a story and the video, and the ad remains as the user scrolls down. The average CTR for this format is 3%.

This format is both polite and premium, because it is only shown when the user is not busy with the smartphone , and is accompanied by time and frequency capping. It’s non-intrusive; a polite bubble gently remind the user of new stories, and she can choose to opt out. Breaking news uses a simple SDK Integration into an app with no additional work. Our SDK does everything.

New mobile releases are aimed at making our agency trading desk customers more efficient and effective at scale.

We also recently released a rules engine that has given us the power to set prices based on different campaign properties. These rules were first used to show different prices in the Advertising On Demand product for the United States, and also for a trading desk in India based on category selection. Now we’ve added geography to these rules as well, and a customer in Southeast Asia is already using our single platform solution to buy for different regions and at different prices. We’re ready to roll it out to everyone.

Last, we also have an option to generate either an insertion order or simply use a “Buy” button. The insertion order, however, showed only the breakdown of total spend, but did not show the contracted impressions. Our latest release includes contracted impressions on an insertion order.

Our product roadmap changes quickly to meet the needs of our customers. Because we have the best engineering team in the business, if you ask for it, the chances are you will get what you need from our platform.



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