Why We’re Merging ZINC Back into ZEDO

Dear ZINC visitors and customers,

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting much on this blog lately. That’s because we’ve shifted our focus to align with the industry’s new directions, and we’ve focusing on helping our publisher partners grow their revenue. Most of this happens programatically on end-to-end platforms, and it is no longer relevant to have a site that just sells high impact formats.

The agency business is changing as quickly as we are, and many brands are taking their media buying in-house. Agencies are caught trying to determine how they will still provide value, and big holding companies and trade desks may transform or vanish entirely.

So we’ve decided that rather than continue to send you, the customers to two different places to buy ZINC’s special formats on our secure end-to-end platform, we’d re- combine the brands. As of August 1, 2018, we will be merging the ZINC brand back into ZEDO.com, where it was born four years ago specifically to serve agencies and brands. This will give our ZINC customers easier access to our premium publishers and allow us to focus on developing new technology, which is where we shine.

This makes sense because we long ago became an end-to-end solution and it seems redundant to make our customers and visitors enter through two different sites. ZINCx.com will shut down, but you can find the same unparalleled customer service and formats at ZEDO.com

Nothing else changes. Our secure platform still provides better ROI for your media buys through our premium content network.

You will still get the same service through adsales@zedo.com

Thank you for using ZINCX.com, and welcome to ZEDO.com