ZINC Introduces New Self-Service Buying Platform

As part of its commitment to brands and smaller advertisers who want to shift to programmatic buying of its high impact formats, ZINCC has introduced the first version of its self-service buying platform. The platform will allow advertisers who don’t work through an agency to do their own buying, and will also help small agencies. It’s a simple tool to buy ZINC formats to reach high quality audiences.

Some of the key characteristics include an easy campaign setup, multiple line items per campaign, a place to enter spend allocation, creative setup and flights by line item, and reporting by line item. The tool will also allow media buyers to share campaigns.

To set up a campaign, the buyer enters the name of the advertiser and the campaign name. She can then continue to ad a line item name, the name of the chosen ad format, the type of media, the rate, and flight dates. Then just upload the creative, set your spend amount, and the buy is good to go.

Targeting on the platform may be done by geolocation (geography and zip code), site category, age and gender, and frequency. A buyer can set custom targeting for each campaign line item, and save the targeting as a template that can be loaded again in future campaigns or line items.

Trafficking is automatic once creative is uploaded.The buyer makes a choice of asset types, set’s the click-through URL, and can ad event trackers. The reporting parameters allow the buyer to view by line item and day, and track impressions, views, completed views, and the CTR. Dimensions are also reported by line item, ad format, and day.

To begin, an advertiser simply registers on ZINCx.com, waits for an email with a registration confirmation link, clicks the the link  in the email, and logs into the simple user interface. Once in, she starts creating campaigns and running reports immediately. Buying is simple, and payment may be made using Paypal or a debit or credit card. Upon payment, the campaign goes under review, and the advertiser is then informed once the campaign goes live. For more details, simply click on the link below for a visual run-through of the platform, or contact adsales@zincx.com.

Self-Service Buying Platform v1.0 (1)